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Level Up Quest (Quest for short) is a Moodle plugin to add gamification to a Moodle site.

Quests guides learners, celebrates milestones and achievements, maintains engagement and facilitates reengagement. It focuses on giving learners a gamification experience beyond the levels, points and leaderboards already covered by Level Up XP.

With Quest, learners are given objectives to complete. When they complete their objectives, they are celebrated, and rewarded. Objectives can be tied to learning goals whereby they act as a guide, as indicator of required learning, or they can be engaging objectives such as inviting social participation, and learners to show commitment.

Your mission is…

Objectives can be given to learners in 3 different forms: Quests, Achievements and Challenges.

Quests are short storylines narrated by a character that gives the objectives to the learner. They are a great tool to leverage the power of stories, they help contextualise the objectives, or disguise boring learning objectives into engaging adventures. Learners can be rewarded for completing a quest, such as receiving points, etc.

Achievements are made of a single objective. They celebrate learners for having reach the milestone expressed by the objective. They are also designed to be collected, whereby an achievement is unlocked once its objective is completed, while the other ones remain locked. Achievements are typically made of either a slow progressing goal, or tied to a particular interesting milestone, such as watching a total of 10 videos, or completing an important quiz, respectively.

Challenges invite learners to complete a set of objectives. They are designed to be limited in time, and periodically recurring, but can also be one off challenges. Unlike quests they do not include a narrative, but can rewards the learners in a similar fashion. Challenges can maintain high engagements levels by enticing learners to visit the platform regularlly to complete time-limited objectives.

Objective types

Level Up Quest is packed with a myriad of objective types, and the list will keep growing with each new release. All of these can be used with either quests, challenges or achievements.

Here is a non exhaustive list of actions being tracked:

  • Access to activities and courses
  • Access to the platform (logging in)
  • Completion of activities, courses, or courses sections
  • Consumption of video content
  • Completion of profile information
  • Upload of a profile picture
  • Attainment of a certain completion rate in a course
  • Participation in forum discussions
  • Interaction with others by private messages
  • Quests being finished, achievements being unlocked, and challenges being completed
  • External (webhook) and manual actions

It can also track actions in other plugins:

  • Points earned in Level Up XP
  • Level attained in Level Up XP
  • Items earned in Stash

Rewards & side effects

The concept of reward is quite subjective, we view rewards as anything presented to the learner as the consequence of the completion of a quest, or challenge. We believe that something as simple as congratulating a learner can be a form of a reward. On the other hand, side effects can be triggered when a quest or challenge is completed, but without being presented to the learner.

Here is a non exhaustive list of compatible rewards and side effects:

  • Unlocking access to activities, sections
  • Enrolling into courses
  • Assigning another quest
  • Adding or removing the learner from a group, or a cohort
  • Awarding a badge
  • Sending emails, private messages, or notifications
  • Interactive with external services (webhook)
  • Even assigning a role

Including with other plugins:

  • Assigning points in Level Up XP
  • Awarding item in Stash

These enable instructors to create powerful ways to reward learners by leveraging on Level Up Quest systems, combined with the features already included in Moodle and other plugins.