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Level Up XP (XP for short) is a Moodle plugin to add gamification to a Moodle site.

Learners receive points for their actions, visualise their progress, compete with others through a leaderboard, and unlock content based on their individual needs and experiences.

XP features

Here are some of the features included in the free version of XP:

Points for actions

Learners receive points for the actions they take in their learning material. It could be when they consume content, finish an activity, participate in a forum, or else.

Visual progress

A Moodle block displays the learner's current level and their progress towards the next level.


Instructors have access to a report giving them an overview of their learners' levels and progress towards the next one.

Level up praises

When learners pass to the next level their efforts are acknowledged with a congratulation message!


Create a friendly competition amongst learners with a leaderboard packed with features, such as anonymity, fencing (limiting rank visibility) and more.

Level-based access restriction

Access to certain areas of a course can be restricted based on a learner's level.

Level-based enrolment

Learners can be automatically enrolled in other courses when they attain a certain level.

Customisable levels

The number of levels, what they look like and how many points are required to attain them is entirely customisable.

Support for shortcodes

Instructors can use various code snippets to enhance their content material with gamifiction elements, or to display or hide content based on a learern's level.

Powerful rule system

Instructors can create custom rules to determine which actions can and cannot award points, as well as how many points are awarded for these actions.

Abuse prevention

Our built-in cheat guard prevents learners from absusing the system by discarding repeated actions, or actions that occur too frequently.

Sitewide, or per course

The plugin can be configured to either keep a tally of points separate between courses, which is useful in a shared environment. Alternatively, it can be set that learners earn points for their actions across the entire site.

XP+ add-on

Level Up XP+ (XP+ for short) is a premium add-on for Level Up XP that can be purchased on its website to unlock additional features.

Drops: Award points anywhere

Award points by placing code snippets almost anywhere in your Moodle site. Learn more

Activity, section and course completion

Learners can receive points for completing activities, sections and courses. You can, for example, use completion rewards to motivate learners to take activities that they would otherwise avoid, or to encourage them to complete 100% of their courses.

Grade-based rewards

Learners can receive points according to the grades they receive. Using grade-based rewards can encourage learners to retake self-assessment activities. Our rules screen allows educators to specify which of the grades award points.

Rule targetting activities by name

An additional condition allows for targeting activities using their name. This allows for a single rule to match against multiple activities even when they are in different courses. This can be found useful when courses typically include the same activity (examples: "Introduce yourself" forum, or "Rate this course" feedback activity) as the default admin rules, or sitewide rules, can target those broadly.

Specific course rule

An additional condition allows for targeting a specific course is available in the rules screen. This is particularly useful in combination with the Course completion rule as it allows for individual courses to contribute to more or less points than other.

Individual & bulk rewards

Import points in bulk using a CSV file, or manually award points to individual learners. This is particularly useful to award points for activities occurring outside of the context of the LMS, or to reward a deserving learner. Moreover, a notification message can be attached to the points for extra motivation!

Team leaderboards

A leaderboard made of teams of learners can be enabled, it ranks the different teams based on an aggregate of the points of their members. Learners can be teamed up using groups or cohorts.

Half anonymity

Instead of choosing between displaying a person's full name, or completely anonymise the leaderboard, an additional option allows to anonymise the last name of the leaderboard participants. For example, Sam Harris would be displayed as Sam H.

Improved cheat guard

Instructors can limit the number of points that can be earned per day (or any other time window). It is also more resilient and covers long time frames.

Level and progress on profile

When added to someone's profile, the block will display this person's level and their progress bar.

Additional level badges

Five sets of level badges are available for you to pick from. One showcases the growth from a seed (level 1) to a beautiful tree (level 10). Another one the evolution of a house construction. And the other ones depict sets of characters.

Alter the meaning of points

Reward learners with something other than experience points by substituting the mention of xp to another symbol. For instance, you could use thumbs up, star shards, diamonds or anything else to vary the learners' experience.

Improved reporting

The logs include more information about the origin of the points. The report, logs and leaderboards can be exported to various formats such as Excel, CSV, OpenDocument, and more.