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Achievements are single-objective missions which goal is to celebrate the learners who completed them. Learners can see the achievements that are available for them to unlock, so they double as an engagement tool targeting completionists.

Achievements display their name, instructions, progress towards the objective, and a commemorative visual. The visual is locked and cannot be viewed by the learner while the achievement is in progress. When the achievement is unlocked, its visual becomes visible and the learner is celebrated.

Example of an achievement that is in progress.
Example of an achievement that has been completed and is unlocked.

For best results, we recommend achievement names to be playful, perhaps even over the top, and the instructions to be phrased in a playful or narrated fashion.

When to use?

We believe that there are three principal ways to use achievements.

  1. To welcome and encourage a learner starting their journey.
  2. To congratulate and acknowledge a learner's effort.
  3. To encourage deep completion and perseverance.

To welcome & encourage

By creating simple achievements that will be completed early in a learner's educational journey, we can expect to happily surprise the learner and make them feel welcome. These types of achievements are also a nice way to showcase that achievements are available to be unlocked.


  • Just landed! Instructions: We're just getting started! (Objective: Access the course for the first time)
  • New beginnings. Instructions: Complete your first activity.
  • Couch potato. Instructions: Watch your first video.

To congratulate & acknowledge effort

Achievements that complete at important or noticeable milestones, and incremental achievements that require the learner to complete actions an certain number of times, are a great way to acklowledge a learner's progress and efforts, and to congratulate them for it!


  • Half way through! Instructions: Get a completion rate of 50%!
  • Printing press. Instructions: Answer 50 forum discussions.
  • Just... one... more... episode... Instructions: Watch 10 hours of videos.

To encourage completion & perseverance

This type of achievement typically requires a higher level of dedication targeting learners with a taste for challenges. These are a great way to push learners to complete optional tasks, to persevere and be engaged with the course on a regular basis.


  • Hello neighbour! Instructions: Access the course for 7 days in a row!
  • No stone left unturned. Instructions: Complete all activties!
  • Ascended! Instructions: Reach the maximum level!