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Per course, or globally?

XP can be set up in two different ways:

  • Per course
  • Sitewide

This defines in what context learners will earn experience points. By default, XP is configured per course which is best in a shared environment where multiple instructors are involved in multiple courses.

When the plugin is configured per course, learners get points and a different level per course. They do not have an overall level, and there is no sharing of points between courses. The gamification experience in a course is completely isolated from the others.

When the plugin is used sitewide, learners have only one level and all the points they get in the courses contribute to this level.


Prior to XP 3.16, the "Sitewide" option was called "For the whole site".

Setting it up

The administration setting that controls this is called block_xp_context and can be found at Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Level Up XP > General Settings. Only an administrator can change this.