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Importing points

This features requires Level Up XP+

Points can be imported using a CSV file.

There may be quite a few instances where importing points can be useful. You may be organising activities offline, where points are collected on a spreadsheet. You may be importing points from a previous learning program, permitting learners to resume with the points they had previously, etc.

File format

The CSV must contain at the very least the columns user and points. A third column message can also be present, but is not required.

The 'user' column

The user column is required and contains the reference to the target user. The values can be one of these:

  • the user ID, as found in the database.
  • the user's email address.
  • the username, as used for logins.

The 'points' column

The points column is required and contains the number of points to give the user. Although, depending on the type of import (see Import settings) these points can also be used as their new total. The points cannot be negative.

The 'message' column

When choosing to Increase the points in the Import settings, the option to send a notification to the users can be selected. The message found in the message column would be included in the notification if the latter is sent.

Import settings

The import feature is found at the bottom of the Report page, look for a button reading Import points.

Aside from the obvious settings relating to the uploaded file, there are two important settings.

Points import action

This setting determines the action to take with the points found in the CSV file.

Setting this setting to Increase will take the points from the CSV and increase the points of the student by that much. If a student currently has 10 points, and the CSV points column contains 15, their new total would be 25. The 15 points were considered to be awarded.

However, when the setting is set to Set as total, the points from the CSV will become the new total of the user. Even if this means that the user would lose points in the process. If a student currently has 10 points, and the CSV points column contains 15, their new total will be 15. The 15 points were considered to be their total.

Send award notification

When selected, students will receive a notification that they were awarded points. This notification will contain the number of points, your name, as well as the course name if any. If the message column was provided, the message would be added to the notification.

You were awarded 10 points by Laura Jorgensen. They left the following message:

Your participation in today's workshop was phenomenal. Thank you!

Note that this setting is only available when the Points import action is set to Increase.

Sample file

Here is an example of a CSV file:

4,10,Message for user with ID 4
username1,20,,30,"Congratulations, you’ve done great work!"

You can also download a copy here.


  • The column names are case-sensitive, and must not contain any additional characters such as trailing spaces.