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Awarding points manually

This page describes how to manually change the points of users.

Give points

This features requires Level Up XP+

If you wish to provide additional points to a learner, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the report
  2. Select "Award points" next to the learner's name

You can also choose to notify the learner of these changes. This notification can also contain a custom message. The learner will receive a notification like this:

You were awarded [10] points by [Laura Rogers]. They left the following message:

[Your participation in today's workshop was phenomenal. Thank you!]

Note that the items in brackets will display the actual points awarded, the name of the educator and any attached message.

Edit the total

Without XP+, it is still possible to give points to learners. This method requires navigating to the report and manually editing the points of a specific learner. This method can be used to give, or substract (although we discourage this), points from any learner.

To send a notification to the learner after they are given points, please refer to the method to give points.