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Reset learners' points

At times it is handy to reset the points collected by learners, this can be achieved a few different ways.

Whole course, or group reset

At the bottom of Level Up XP's report page, you will find a button to reset all data. Though, if the course is using groups, you can view the report for a specific group, and only reset the data for the selected one.

Reset individual learners

From the report page you have the ability to delete a single user. This will not only delete their points, but also delete their logs. Deleting the logs will enable learners to potentially re-earn points from previous actions.


This feature was added in XP 3.7. At the time it did not delete a learner's logs, and thus they could not re-earn points from certain previous actions. Since XP 3.13, the logs are deleted as well.

Course reset

Level Up XP is not compatible with the course reset functionality built-in Moodle due to a limitation of the latter.